Smit Foods

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We are a unique business dedicated to creating the highest quality Food To Go and delivering across the country for customers in every channel. With the consumer at the heart of everything that we do, we lead innovation and development in a category that demands continual refreshment.

About Us

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Our Specialties

Pan Pizza

Bringing taste from the paradise, full of ingredients and stuffing.


Delicious Burger

Smit Food's aroma makes, burger delicious. Special thing for rich heart people.



Introducing new flavour of pasta! why don't you taste it? See Soon.



Are you young? Try the taste of our Shawarma, and feel like young.


Toast Sandwich

Crispy and crunchy sandwich filled with cheese and stuffing. Waiting ends...



The dish from india, feels like a homemade! The magic of Smit Foods...



Let's Speak!

Thank you for visiting us on our new site, we hope it makes for a more comfortable user experience. You can now easily view our Daily Specials as they are available, and we are also trying to optimize your experience when ordering to-go! Please feel free contact us!